37th ACS National Medicinal Chemistry Symposium

American Chemical Society
Division of Medicinal Chemistry

 New York City, NY, United States    June 27-30, 2021

Award Session

The Award Session will take place during the evening Session on Tuesday, June 30 and will be preceded by a Buffet Dinner in the same room.

During this Session, the following Award will be conferred:

  • 2020 Division of Medicinal Chemistry Award, Sponsored by the Thomas J. Perun Endowment Fund

    We are pleased to announce Dr Shaomeng Wang from the University of Michigan as the 2020 recipient of the Division of Medicinal Chemistry Award.

    The Division of Medicinal Chemistry Award is given in even years, and the presentation and award symposium are held at the National Medicinal Chemistry Symposium. This award is intended to recognize significant contributions to the field of Medicinal Chemistry and is funded by a generous contribution from the Thomas J. Perun Endowment Fund.

    The Award will be given to Dr Wang by Dr Scott Runyon, ACS Medi Division Chair 2020.

In addition, a lecture will also be given by:

  • 2020 IUPAC-Richter Prize

    The 2020 IUPAC-Richter Prize has been awarded to Dr John Macor, Global Head Integrated Drug Discovery, Sanofi, in recognition of his outstanding creative contributions in the field of medicinal chemistry research on drugs for the treatment of migraine. The IUPAC-Richter Prize will be conferred at the EFMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry in Basel, Switzerland. John Macor will deliver a Prize lecture during EFMC-ISMC, as well as a second lecture during NMCS NYC 2020.

    Dr Macor will be introduced by Dr Janos Fischer, Chair of the IUPAC-Richter Prize Selection Committee.